Our team

We are the people working hard to bring you great content about interesting and important aspects of education.

Mary Myatt

Mary is dead keen on everything that goes on in schools.

Fran Myatt
Operations & Flow Manager

Fran looks after the operations and flow of Myatt & Co and supports the team.

Karina Pysz
Digital Consultant & Web Designer

Karina develops and maintains every tech aspect of Myatt & Co, creating solutions for all requirements - the more challenging the better.

Domini McMunn
Graphic Designer & Art Director

Dom's behind the creative of Myatt & Co - from coming up with the name to the look and feel of the brand.

Our collaborators

These are the terrific colleagues who work with us, interviewing interesting people about important stuff in education.

Andrew Morrish

Andrew has an unhealthy obsession with all things leadership, especially finding out about all the stuff that he doesn’t actually know, which is lots.

Bennie Kara

Bennie wants to make the world a better place for our young people.

John Tomsett

John taught in secondary schools for 33 years and for 18 of those years he was a headteacher.

Lekha Sharma

Lekha is a Head of School who takes an active interest in all things education and loves to collaborate with colleagues to explore approaches that make the biggest impact on pupils in the classroom.

Rachel Higginson

Rachel is passionate about everything curriculum and advocating for those whose voices are not always heard.

Steve Willshaw

Steve has been involved in English teaching in a variety of roles for over 35 years. He is relishing the opportunity to talk to big hitters in this field through his work for Myatt and Co.